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Private 10,000 Islands/Everglades National Park Dolphin/Shelling/Wildlife Tours

Private Estero Bay Dolphin Adventure

Private boat $294 (up to 6 passengers)
Prices include all applicable taxes and fees

Why share your precious time on the water with 30 or 40 other people when you can experience one of our unparalleled private tours? Our private boat tour of the beautiful Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve can accommodate up to six passengers and makes for a much more intimate alternative to larger dolphin excursions.

Cruise through paradise and soak in a truly special experience as you witness dolphins feeding and frolicking throughout their natural habitat. As Captain Joe takes his time in search of the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin — he has an over 90% success rate in his more than 12 years on the tour! — guests can enjoy the pristine habitats and thriving wildlife throughout the state park.

Learn More About Our Private Estero Bay Dolphin Adventure Tour

Dedicated in December 1966 as the state’s first-ever aquatic preserve, the gorgeous Estero Bay boasts ample amounts of seagrass beds, salt marshes, tidal flats, and oyster bars, but it is the intricate and magnificent mangrove forests that are the most prevalent throughout the bay.

Due in part to the bay’s subtropical climate, lagoon configuration, and diverse vegetation, a number of the state’s endangered and threatened species can be found here. Keep an eye out for a wide variety of marine animals and abundant wildlife, such as:

  • The playful Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, which can often be spotted inhabiting area harbors and bays. These smart, social creatures are a common dolphin species and have been dubbed the “bottlenose” due in part to their short, stubby rostrums (or snouts). Because they are mammals (like humans!), they come to the surface to breathe, usually about twice a minute, which makes for optimal viewing.
  • The massive West Indian Manatee (also known as the “sea cow), which has been endangered since the 1970s. These larger-than-life mammals can often be found floating along the coasts of Florida during the early spring and summer months.
  • Flocks of seasonal birds and migratory species, due in part to a nearby rookery island. Passengers may encounter various feathered friends such as the Great Egret, the American White Pelican, the Great Blue Heron, the Roseate Spoonbill, and the Osprey.

Our vessel, “Jaybird II,” is extremely comfortable and was custom designed to give you and your loved ones the most up-close and personal dolphin experience possible. The knowledgeable Captain Joe will be on hand to lead your crew and answer any questions you may have. We have plenty of room for any gear and coolers you wish to bring, and adult beverages and snacks are always welcome. Please allow approximately 2 hours for this exciting trip.